Writing the book on VR training impact

Our unique methodology is rooted in years of academic research. We work closely with each customer to make sure their VR content builds the right skills to achieve their goals.

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Proven methodology for effective skill development

Based on experiences across millions of VR sessions, we’ve created the playbook for highly effective immersive learning. Rooted in behavioral and cognitive science, our proven methodology helps us create immersive experiences that target the skills you want to build. The way you develop VR content is critical for delivering valuable data and insights into performance.

Skills we build with VR

Hard Skills

  • Visual object recognition

    Can you recognize specific objects to inform your decisions?

  • Spatial awareness

    Can you scan your immediate environment and know where to focus attention?

  • Applied decision-making

    Do you know how to apply your knowledge in real world situations?

Soft Skills

  • Purposeful questioning

    Can you recognize specific objects to inform your decisions?

  • Managing expectations

    Can you set explicit, appropriate, and realistic expectations for others?

  • Acknowledging perspectives

    Can you acknowledge the other party's perspective, feelings, or the situation they are facing?

  • Summarization

    Can you effectively summarize the situation or what others say in order to seek alignment?

  • Providing feedback

    Can you give constructive feedback?

Turning training into insights

Strivr’s methodology opens up an untapped world of behavioral insights. Through Immersive Learning, you’ll be able to understand your team’s skills at the aggregate and individual level and make informed decisions about hiring, promoting, upskilling, and more.

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VR content solutions
that meet your needs

We offer multiple content solutions depending on your needs and goals. Most customers use our in-house content services – especially during a pilot – to get our best-in-class methodology, prove ROI fast, and build the business case for growth.

Content services

  • Custom content for your enterprise
  • Strategy
  • Curriculum design
  • Content production
  • Authoring

Content library

  • Premade “off-the-shelf” content
  • Quicker deployment & lower cost
  • Primarily soft skills focused

Authoring products

  • Your own content creation
  • Easy to use authoring tool
  • SDK support for third party content
  • Create 360 & CG experiences
  • Strivr University

About our best-in-class content services

Every module that Strivr’s in-house content team creates follows the proven methodology. We make sure the immersive content achieves your goals, is highly engaging for learners, captures a complete set of data points, and meets the highest possible production standards.

Our Approach

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