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Adapt to evolving technology trends and customer expectations while reducing training costs and optimizing safe field operations.

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See why customers in the energy & utilities sectors choose Strivr to transform training and talent development at scale.

The Strivr team is very responsive and well organized. The solutions they provide help us achieve our training and safety goals.
Jim Beach
Operations & Maintenance Manager, AES
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Strengthen customer relationships

Sample training topics

Outperform the competition with exceptional customer service

Empower frontline workers with the skills, experience, and confidence to provide personalized, attentive service that exceeds customer expectations.

Residential inspections

Conduct on-site inspections to diagnose the source of various utilities issues, then practice explaining the situation to customers, proposing appropriate solutions, and answering their questions.


Practice authentically acknowledging, empathizing with, and responding to customers’ needs, concerns, and emotions across a number of challenging interactions.

Customer de-escalation

Apply conflict resolution, emotional regulation, and active listening strategies to navigate tense, hostile, and challenging customer interactions.

Professional conduct

Understand how to uphold company values and conduct yourself with professionalism and integrity in customer and colleague interactions.


Elevating customer experience: How VR training teaches customer-centricity

Discover how Strivr can help your organization deliver superior customer experiences that drive engagement, satisfaction, loyalty, and sales.

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Optimize operational efficiency

Sample training topics

Streamline operational & procedural training with XR

Elevate employee engagement, performance, and productivity by providing opportunities to learn, practice, and master essential mechanical, technical, and operational procedures in XR.

New hire onboarding

Expedite the onboarding process by equipping new hires with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to step into their new role with confidence and hit the ground running from day one.

New process training

Improve performance and productivity by allowing employees to learn and practice new processes in XR so they can build confidence and mastery before executing them on the job.

New technology training

Facilitate a seamless and successful adoption of new technology, equipment, and machinery at scale with hands-on practice and training in XR.

Compliance training

Leverage XR for corporate and regulatory compliance training to keep your workforce informed and up-to-date on the latest industry policies and procedures.

Wind turbine technician training

Learn how to safely scale wind turbines using a harness to inspect, service, and perform intricate repairs on  bearings, gears, and other components.

Solar panel installation

Learn how to assemble, install, and service solar panels for residential and commercial properties, then practice conducting routine system tests and inspections.


Transforming new hire onboarding with VR

Redefine new hire training with VR. Strivr's immersive approach simulates real-world scenarios for effective and engaging training.

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Enhance operational safety

Sample training topics

Drive operational safety improvements across the supply chain

Protect and empower workers with XR safety training simulations designed to build situational awareness, strengthen hazard identification skills, and minimize the prevalence of workplace injuries, accidents, and damages.

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)

Practice proper LOTO procedures in a series of simulated inspections to prevent the release of potentially hazardous energy and ensure regulatory compliance.

Preventing slips, trips, & falls

Learn and identify the common causes of workplace slips, trips, and falls, then practice implementing corrective measures to prevent and mitigate them.

Hazard identification

Practice systematically scanning your environment to identify, address, and prevent workplace safety hazards and strengthen your situational awareness skills.

Hazardous waste management

Identify and classify various forms of hazardous waste, then practice safe disposal measures to minimize risks to human health and the environment.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Understand the requirements, limitations, and standards for proper PPE usage as well as how to conduct an effective PPE hazard assessment.

Equipment handling procedures

Minimize the risks of injuries, accidents, and damage by learning how to properly operate, inspect, and service large equipment and machinery.


Safe & prepared: Why 97% of employees are more prepared with immersive learning

Discover why safety training in VR helps employees feel more confident and prepared to navigate, respond to, and mitigate workplace hazards, emergencies, and safety threats on-the-job.

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