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Retail & hospitality

Accelerate onboarding, deliver superior customer experiences, and outperform the competition by empowering your workforce with critical customer service skills that drive engagement, satisfaction, loyalty, and sales.


Deliver real-world impact

See why companies in the logistics, manufacturing, and supply chain sectors choose Strivr to optimize operational efficiency, cut training costs, reduce churn, and enhance workplace safety at scale.

of retail associates felt more prepared for emergency situations
reduction in new technology training time, from 8 hours to 15 minutes
of learners felt more confident in their customer service skills after XR training
reduction in new hire onboarding time, from 4 hours to 45 minutes

Elevate customer & guest experiences

Sample training topics

Drive customer engagement, satisfaction, & loyalty with XR training

Empower employees with the skills, experience, and confidence to provide personalized, attentive service that exceeds customer expectations through interactive immersive learning scenarios.


Practice authentically acknowledging, empathizing with, and responding to customers’ needs, concerns, and emotions across a number of challenging interactions.

Customer de-escalation

Apply conflict resolution, emotional regulation, and active listening strategies to navigate tense, hostile, and challenging client interactions.


Learn how to make an effective sales pitch, then practice delivering value statements that clearly position the purpose and benefits of your products and services.

Culture & core values orientation

Understand how to uphold company values and conduct yourself with professionalism, integrity, and composure in customer and colleague interactions.

Front of house (FOH) fundamentals

Deliver superior dining experiences by practicing critical FOH skills, from proper greetings to introducing the menu and handling upset guests.

Telephone etiquette

Learn how to engage customers in a polite, respectful, and friendly manner over the phone by practicing proper telephone etiquette.


Enhanced customer experience: VR training for the frontline employee

Download the ebook to learn how customer experience leaders are training the frontline workforce with Virtual Reality and the measurable impact it's making.

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There are no do-overs in live customer service, but with VR, we’re able to give our frontline workforce a way to practice interacting with customers in a safe, low-pressure environment until they feel comfortable and confident.
Laura Lee
Chief Human Resources Officer, MGM Resorts

Optimize operational efficiency

Sample training topics

Sample training topics

Rolling out a new product, service, or process? Introducing new technology or equipment to the day-to-day workflow? Get employees up to speed and on the floor faster with hands-on practice and procedural training in XR.

New hire onboarding

Expedite the onboarding process by equipping new hires with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to step into their new role with confidence and hit the ground running from day one.

New process training

Improve performance and productivity by allowing employees to learn and practice new processes in XR so they can build confidence and mastery before executing them on the job.

Compliance training

Leverage XR for corporate and regulatory compliance training to keep your workforce informed and up-to-date on the latest industry policies and procedures.

Inventory management

Minimize losses due to over- and under-stocking by upskilling employees on best practices for monitoring, managing, and maintaining an efficient flow of inventory into and out of the business.

Sprouts uses XR to expedite onboarding & build culture at scale

Discover how Strivr helped Sprouts optimize their approach to employee onboarding and instill new team members with the customer-first mentality reflective of Sprouts culture and core values.

Enhance workplace safety

Sample training topics

Ensure the health & safety of employees and customers

Equip employees with skills and techniques to prevent, mitigate, and safely respond to workplace health, safety, and security threats.

Armed robbery

Learn to recognize early warning signs of a potential robbery, and gain hands-on experience in applying proper safety response strategies to protect yourself and others in a series armed robbery simulations.

Smash-and-grab theft

Gain hands-on experience in recognizing, safely responding to, and mitigating potential harm in a series of realistic smash-and-grab theft simulations.

Food safety

Learn and apply proper food handling, preparation, and storage practices to avoid cross-contamination and reduce the risk of food-borne illnesses.

Cleaning public spaces

Practice surveying public spaces for biological, chemical, and physical hazards, then apply proper cleaning and sanitation techniques to ensure guest health and safety.

Kitchen safety

Learn how to handle kitchen equipment safely, follow proper sanitation procedures, and identify hazards to ensure a safe, clean, and compliant kitchen.

Hotel room sanitization

Understand and apply best practices for maintaining impeccable cleanliness standards, preventing cross-contamination, and ensuring guest health and safety.

Verizon protects & empowers retail associates with immersive learning

Discover how Strivr helped Verizon better protect and prepare its frontline associates to act quickly and confidently in the face of high-stakes workplace safety threats.

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