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Immersive learning benefits

The business case for XR training

Accelerate onboarding

Strivr customers reduce onboarding time by 86% on average, allowing enterprise teams to get new hires up-to-speed and on the floor faster without sacrificing engagement or proficiency.

Enhance workplace safety

Immersive learning gives organizations the power to safely expose learners to those rare, high-stakes, hard-to-train-for scenarios that would normally be dangerous, expensive, or impractical to replicate in real life.

Cut training costs

With XR technologies, learners can access training from anywhere at anytime, saving organizations thousands of dollars in travel and personnel expenses typically incurred with traditional on-site, instructor-led training.

Boost employee confidence

Immersive technologies provide learners with a realistic, judgement-free, low-stakes environment where they can practice and refine skills with unlimited repetitions until they achieve confidence and mastery.

Reduce churn

By giving learners a realistic preview of what to expect, XR training gives new hires a chance to acclimate and mentally prepare for their new role, responsibilities, and job site so they are less likely to feel overwhelmed from the start.

Gain unparalleled insights

Because actions, decisions, and behaviors executed in XR replicate those that a learner would execute in real life, data captured in-headset can provide employers with predictive insights into job preparedness and proficiency.

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