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March 5, 2024

Strivr, the leading enterprise platform for VR training solutions, was recognized today by Forbes as one of America’s Best Startup Employers in 2024. The ranking, which analyzes the best-performing startups through defined KPIs, recognized Strivr for its employer reputation, employee satisfaction, and overall growth.

The Strivr platform helps enterprises create and deliver premium, research-backed immersive VR training experiences that can be easily deployed and scaled to tens of thousands of learners. Since its founding in 2015, Strivr has achieved an industry record-setting milestone, launching over 2 million VR training experiences across its customer base.

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Recognition from Forbes, especially in this pivotal year for immersive tech, is a great opportunity for us to look back at what we’ve built since our founding. I am in awe of our dedicated teams that continue to execute on our vision of elevating performance through immersive experience, making learning more engaging and impactful for some of the biggest and best companies in the world. This ranking is a testament to the strategy we’ve set and executed against, and the culture we’ve continued to foster.
Derek Belch
Founder & CEO, Strivr

As part of the Forbes ranking, companies considered in the evaluation must be headquartered in the U.S., founded between the years 2014 and 2021, employ at least 50 employees, and exhibit a startup structure. More than 7 million data points were gathered and analyzed. Out of 20,000 companies, only 3,000 qualified for an in-depth analysis, which was based on three criteria:

  • Employer reputation: Relevant workplace aspects and search terms were defined and tested (e.g., employee engagement, company/corporate culture, company strategy, etc.).
  • Employee satisfaction: Topics involving retention, compensation and benefits, workplace flexibility, diversity, and inclusivity were evaluated.
  • Growth: Data regarding website traffic, headcount growth, headcount total, job openings, etc.

The Forbes America’s Best Startup Employers 2024 title reinforces Strivr’s reputation as a great employer at a national level.

About Strivr

With over 1 million learners trained in VR, Strivr is transforming the employee journey through experiential learning. Incubated at Stanford, Strivr’s platform empowers enterprises to build, manage, experience, and measure VR-based learning to optimize workforce performance. With a premium content offering based on nearly 60,000 hours of content creation experience since its inception in 2015, Strivr customers gain unique learning and assessment data to measure training effectiveness and predict learning outcomes at scale. With over 2 million experiences launched in VR from hiring to training and upskilling, Strivr is proud to partner with elite sports teams and Fortune 1000 companies to elevate performance through immersive experience.

Learn more about the Strivr platform.

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