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Strivr recognized by TIME as one of the World’s Top EdTech Companies in 2024

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With a long-standing focus on revolutionizing the way people learn, Strivr is being recognized as one of the World’s Top EdTech Companies of 2024 by TIME in partnership with Statista. This inaugural listing acknowledges companies leading innovation across educational technologies, products, and services, and Strivr is proud to have ranked seventh out of the 250 companies recognized. 

TIME and Statista embarked on a comprehensive initiative to spotlight 250 companies driving change in the field of education technology. They reviewed over 7,000 companies worldwide, focusing on key metrics such as financial strength and industry impact. Their methodology aimed to highlight organizations that are not only financially robust but also significantly influence their respective industries through innovative products and services. This approach ensures a balanced view, recognizing companies that truly drive forward the educational landscape.

With a vision to elevate performance through immersive experience, Strivr prides itself on delivering enterprise-scale immersive learning solutions to the Fortune 1000. This notable distinction from TIME is recognition of our commitment to delivering against this vision with the most immersive, scalable Extended Reality (XR) platform on the market. Setting an industry record-setting milestone, Strivr has launched over 2.5 million XR training experiences for more than 875,000 unique learners to make an impact on learning every day for some of the biggest global brands.

For enterprises looking to learn more and try out the Strivr platform, please request your 30-day Strivr demo.

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