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Diversity, equity, & inclusion

Build and maintain a culture of empathy, trust, and respect across your workforce with role-play based XR experiences that promote inclusive workplace behaviors.

State of the workplace

The business case for DE&I training

Organizations that prioritize and invest in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives consistently benefit from:

  • Higher levels of employee engagement, productivity, and retention
  • Increased revenue due to enhanced creativity and innovation
  • Deeper trust, commitment, and accountability from employees
  • Attracting top talent with diverse skillsets and perspectives
of American workers report that it's important to them to feel a sense of community and belonging at work
of Americans believe that micro-aggressions are a serious workplace problem
Companies with strong DE&I practices have an average lead-to-opportunity conversion rate of 54%, compared to 26% for those with lagging DE&I practices
of Gen Z and Millennial workers are not satisfied with their current employer’s progress in creating an inclusive workplace
Sample training topics

Bake DE&I into your company culture

Build and maintain a culture of empathy, trust, and respect across your workforce with role-play based immersive learning simulations designed to enhance self-awareness, bolster communication skills, and promote inclusive workplace behaviors.

Diversity, equity, & inclusion 101

Understand what DE&I means in a workplace context, then apply what you learned to identify various barriers to inclusion and opportunities for improvement.

Building an inclusive workplace

Learn to recognize different types of exclusionary behaviors and practice communication skills to create a more inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

Interrupting unconscious bias

Practice recognizing, responding to, recovering from, and apologizing for workplace micro-aggressions rooted in unconscious bias.

Fostering psychological safety

Understand the 4 key pillars of psychological safety and how to reinforce them in your daily interactions to cultivate a safe and supportive workplace environment.

Building interpersonal awareness

Build self-awareness into how your words, actions, body language, and behaviors affect the ways in which coworkers perceive and interact with you.

Cross-cultural considerations

Practice demonstrating cultural sensitivity toward coworkers with different backgrounds, perspectives, and lived experiences.

Empathy & active listening

Learn and apply strategies designed to help you better assess, authentically acknowledge, and respond to team members’ needs, concerns, and emotions.

Building trust through transparency

Learn how to establish credibility, foster a culture of integrity, and cultivate trust with colleagues by prioritizing transparency in your interactions.


Creating inclusive workplaces with immersive learning

Learn strategies to promote diversity and inclusion through immersive training.

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