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Explore our library of pre-built, ready-made XR experiences covering a wide range of learning and development topics.

By Strivr Studios™

Professional development
A collection of XR courses covering essential leadership and management skills, such as active listening, giving feedback, and conflict resolution.
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Diversity, equity, & inclusion
A series of XR courses designed to help learners identify and mitigate workplace micro-aggressions and exclusionary behaviors.
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Threat response
A collection of XR simulations depicting real-world emergency situations designed to help learners recognize and respond to workplace safety threats.
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Operational safety
A collection of XR courses covering operational safety and equipment handling procedures for mechanical, technical, and supply chain workers.
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Financial services
A series of XR courses covering essential skills for financial services associates, such as client de-escalation and workplace conduct.
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By featured content partners

Nature-based immersive experiences designed to promote focus, meditation, calmness, and mental fitness.
Industrial VR safety training scenarios developed to OSHA precise guidelines.
Research-backed VR experiences designed to reduce stress, increase focus, and promote mental well-being.
Interactive, AI-powered immersive learning courses on public speaking, leadership skills, sales training, and more.

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Blueprint content

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Customizable content templates featuring characters and environments hand-selected from our in-house library.

Conceptual diagram of a blueprint content template with large blue markers indicating what components in a computer-generated VR experience are customizable
Blueprint content

How it works


Select your experience

Select a customizable course from our Blueprints library, covering a wide variety of training topics from effective communication and customer de-escalation to emergency preparedness and operational safety.

Script your experience

Our expert team of instructional designers will work with you to write a custom script and curriculum outline to tailor your Blueprint course to your company's specific learning and business objectives.

Build your experience

Our in-house production team will build your XR experience based on your finalized script and design specifications to drive true performance improvement for your learners and true business impact for your company.

Custom content

The sky’s the limit

One-of-a-kind immersive content designed to your unique specifications. Built entirely from scratch by our team of content specialists, instructional designers, data scientists, and industry experts.

Custom content

How it works

Two women seated at opposite ends of a desk engaged in a conversation

Content strategy

Our in-house content creators and instructional designers will guide you through a consultative needs assessment to determine the best approach to achieve your business goals and learning objectives.
Strivr production crew member on a live action VR film set reviewing a script

Content design

We’ll work with you to create comprehensive content plans from curriculum design to script lock, leveraging our proven methodology to fully engage learners and deliver unique behavioral insights.
Two immersive content designers editing an immersive experience on a triple monitor setup

Content production

Our production and content authoring teams will bring your custom XR experience to life using 360° video cameras for live action content and 3D animation for computer generated content.

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Talk to one of our immersive content specialists to discover how Strivr can help your organization elevate workforce performance at scale.

Close-up of two XR headsets and hand controllers on a large wooden conference table
Content modalities

Strivr offers a range of content modalities to fit your business needs, goals, & learning objectives

A snapshot from a computer-generated dialogue experience showing a virtual character seated on the far end of a large conference table and a prompt box overlaid on the scene asking the user to describe the purpose and benefits of the conversation to the virtual character

Computer-generated dialogue

Computer-generated characters, environments, and sounds offering highly customizable and controlled design capabilities to deliver editable, evergreen, and reusable assets.
A computer generated male flight attendant standing in between two aisles of seats in a digitally rendered airplane environment

Computer-generated video

Computer-generated (CG) characters, images, and sounds with CG or live action environments that offer customizable and controlled design capabilities to deliver editable, evergreen, and reusable assets.
Snapshot from a live action VR experience with a real woman standing in the middle of a food production factory holding a fresh batch of potato chips

Live action

Hollywood-style production captured on real-world set locations with 360° video cameras, mics, and actors to deliver life-like visuals and sounds in authentic environments.

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