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Professional development

Enable professional growth and development by providing learners with a safe space to practice and refine critical communication, leadership, and management skills.

Snapshot from a live action VR training course on effective communication with four text boxes overlaid on the scene reading "Engage", "Discover", "Resolve", and "Close".

The business case for leadership & management training

Organizations that implement and reinforce leadership, management, soft skills, and professional development training programs consistently benefit from:

  • Higher levels of workforce engagement and job satisfaction
  • Increased workforce performance and productivity
  • More effective execution of strategic initiatives
  • Greater retention of top performers
Low engagement, a result of poor management, costs the global economy $8.8 trillion per year in lost productivity
Companies with comprehensive training programs earn 218% more income per employee than those with less focus on employee development
of American workers have strongly considered quitting their job because of a bad manager
Only 15% of leaders feel prepared to address and prevent employee burnout

Essential leadership skills

Sample training topics

Set people leaders up for success

Provide managers and people leaders with the skills, strategies, and research-backed frameworks to effectively lead a motivated, productive, and highly engaged team through interactive immersive learning scenarios.

Coaching & mentorship

Learn how to identify, draw out, and nurture the unique strengths of individual team members to promote professional growth and self-discovery.

Conflict resolution

Practice navigating difficult conversations, delivering bad news, and resolving workplace conflicts with care, compassion, respect, and sensitivity.  

Effective communication

Apply foundational management principles to communicate your thoughts, expectations, decisions, and goals clearly and succinctly in various contexts.

Empathy & active listening

Apply empathetic leadership strategies to better assess, authentically acknowledge, and effectively respond to team members’ needs, concerns, and emotions.

Giving actionable feedback

Learn how to deliver objective, constructive, and actionable feedback that will resonate and spark improved performance.

Hiring & interviewing

Practice vetting job applications and carrying out interviews by asking probing questions to assess candidates’ strengths and fitness for a given role.

Public speaking

Apply proven communication strategies to deliver speeches with confidence while learning to adjust your delivery based on audience needs and priorities.

S.M.A.R.T. goal setting

Learn to establish a clear and shared vision of what you want your team to achieve by setting specific, measurable, agreeable, realistic, and time-bound goals.

Team & culture building

Sample training topics

Build a positive workplace culture from the ground up

Empower managers and people leaders with proven skills, strategies, and techniques to boost morale, enhance employee engagement, prevent burnout, and build a positive workplace culture where employees can thrive.

Fostering psychological safety

Learn strategies for fostering psychological safety to ensure everyone feels empowered to take risks, propose new ideas, raise concerns, and bring their whole selves to work.

Mission, vision, & value setting

Learn how to inspire employees with a sense of purpose by aligning individual and collective tasks to your organization’s mission, vision, and core values.

Intrinsic motivation & accountability

Learn how to create a culture of accountability by correlating employees’ core needs for autonomy, mastery, and relatedness to the work at hand.

Creating a culture of collaboration

Learn how to prevent and break down silos by creating opportunities for productive social connection and cross-functional collaboration among your team.

Promoting a growth mindset

Apply foundational management principles that will help you promote a culture of continuous learning, growth, and development.

Cultivating mindfulness

Practice proven mindfulness strategies that will help you and your team build self-awareness, reduce stress, and minimize distractions.

Building trust through transparency

Learn how to establish credibility, lead with integrity, and cultivate trust with colleagues by prioritizing transparency in your interactions.

Understanding power dynamics

Understand how power distance affects workplace culture and learn how to leverage your influence responsibly to promote equity and inclusivity.

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