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XR use cases for

Financial services

Drive operational excellence, deepen client relationships, mitigate security risks, and enhance workplace safety with interactive, AI-backed XR training.

State of the workplace

Elevating performance in financial services

Leverage a more impactful learning modality to drive operational excellence, advance career progression, improve client relationships, and mitigate security risks at scale.

bank of america
Retail banking branches and contact centers leveraging XR training to elevate workforce performance and enhance client experiences

Strengthen client relationships

Sample training topics

Outperform the competition with superior customer service

Empower frontline associates with critical customer service and communication skills to build meaningful, lasting connections with clients.


Practice authentically acknowledging, empathizing with, and responding to clients’ needs, concerns, and emotions across a number of challenging interactions.

Customer de-escalation

Apply conflict resolution, emotional regulation, and active listening strategies to navigate tense, hostile, and challenging client interactions.

Product knowledge 101

Gain the expertise needed to confidently address client inquiries, identify referral opportunities, and drive sales for your products and services.

Call center etiquette

Learn how to engage customers in a polite, respectful, and friendly manner over the phone by practicing proper telephone etiquette.

Workplace conduct

Understand how to uphold company values and conduct yourself with professionalism, integrity, and composure in client and colleague interactions.


Elevating customer experience: How VR training teaches customer-centricity

Discover how Strivr can help your organization deliver superior customer experiences that drive engagement, satisfaction, loyalty, and sales.

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Optimize operational efficiency

Sample training topics

Streamline operational & procedural training with XR

Rolling out a new product or service? Upskilling bank tellers to adhere to new processes? Get employees up to speed and on the floor faster with hands-on training experiences designed to accelerate operational and procedural learning.

New hire onboarding

Expedite the onboarding process by equipping new hires with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to step into their new role with confidence and hit the ground running from day one.

New process training

Improve performance and productivity by allowing employees to learn and practice new processes in XR so they can build confidence and mastery before executing them on the job.

New product training

Equip employees with the skills and acumen for new product features, benefits, and sales strategies, enabling them to confidently engage with customers.

Compliance training

Leverage XR for corporate and regulatory compliance training to keep your workforce informed and up-to-date on the latest industry policies and procedures.


Transforming new hire onboarding with VR

Redefine new hire training with VR. Strivr's immersive approach simulates real-world scenarios for effective and engaging training.

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Enhance workplace safety & security

Sample training topics

Improve your security posture

Equip frontline workers with skills, tactics, and techniques they need to act quickly and confidently in the face of high-stakes workplace safety and security threats.

Armed bank robbery

Learn to recognize warning signs of a potential robbery and practice proper emergency response techniques in a series of armed robbery simulations.

Cash & premise security

Implement security measures effectively, detect suspicious activity, and respond appropriately to emergencies, safeguarding valuables and personnel.

Fraud detection

Learn how to properly inspect cash and checks, then practice safely navigating customer interactions involving fraudulent activity.

Data privacy & security

Learn how to identify, prevent, and mitigate data breaches and cybersecurity threats to safeguard sensitive financial data.


Safety first: Preparing associates for robbery and asset protection

Discover how Verizon uses XR training to equip 22,000+ frontline employees with the hands-on experience they need to recognize, respond to, and mitigate high-stakes workplace safety threats.

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