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XR use cases for

Logistics & manufacturing

Provide employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to optimize processes, manage inventory efficiently, and ensure smooth operations across the supply chain.


Deliver real-world impact

Revolutionize training at scale by providing immersive experiences to build skills that enhance customer and guest services, accelerate time to proficiency, and impact the bottom line.

of learners felt more prepared to practice practice proper truck loading methods ensuring speed, safety, and quality
increase in truck unloading speed after XR training
increase in package scanning rates after XR training

Explore XR training solutions for logistics & manufacturing

Optimize operational efficiency

Elevate performance and productivity with hands-on training experiences designed to streamline and accelerate operational and procedural learning.

Enhance workplace safety

Reduce churn and minimize the prevalence of workplace injuries, accidents, and damages by empowering workers with critical workplace safety skills.

Optimize operational efficiency

Sample training topics

Streamline operational & procedural training with XR

Elevate performance and productivity by providing employees with opportunities to learn, practice, and master mechanical, technical, and operational procedures in XR.

New hire onboarding

Expedite the onboarding process by equipping new hires with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to step into their new role with confidence and hit the ground running from day one.

New process training

Improve performance and productivity by allowing employees to learn and practice new processes in XR so they can build confidence and mastery before executing them on the job.

Compliance training

Leverage XR for corporate and regulatory compliance training to keep your workforce informed and up-to-date on the latest industry policies and procedures.

Inventory management

Minimize losses due to over- and under-stocking by upskilling employees on best practices for monitoring, managing, and maintaining an efficient flow of inventory.

Pallet stacking

Practice building stable and balanced pallet loads to prevent damage to products and ensure efficient transportation and storage in warehouse environments.

Truck loading & unloading

Learn how to optimize space, avoid injuries, and prevent cargo damage by practicing proper lifting, handling, loading, and unloading techniques.


3 ways VR can improve warehouse training

From truck loading and pallet stacking to essential workplace safety skills like hazard identification and proper equipment handling, discover how VR can help optimize operational safety and efficiency for organizations in the logistics, manufacturing, and supply chain sectors.

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Enhance workplace safety

Sample training topics

Drive operational safety improvements across the supply chain

Protect and empower workers with XR safety training simulations designed to build situational awareness, strengthen hazard identification skills, and minimize the prevalence of workplace injuries, accidents, and damages.

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)

Practice proper LOTO procedures in a series of simulated inspections to prevent the release of potentially hazardous energy and ensure regulatory compliance.

Preventing slips, trips, & falls

Learn and identify the common causes of workplace slips, trips, and falls, then practice implementing corrective measures to prevent and mitigate them.

Hazard identification

Practice systematically scanning your environment to identify, address, and prevent workplace safety hazards and strengthen your situational awareness skills.

Hazardous waste management

Identify and classify various forms of hazardous waste, then practice safe disposal measures to minimize risks to human health and the environment.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Understand the requirements, limitations, and standards for proper PPE usage as well as how to conduct an effective PPE hazard assessment.

Equipment handling procedures

Minimize the risks of injuries, accidents, and damage by learning how to properly operate, inspect, and service equipment and machinery.


Protecting retail workers with VR-based robbery training

Immersive learning provides retail workers with realistic, hands-on experience in safely navigating and responding to an armed robbery scenario.

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