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Strivr acquires VR analytics firm to enhance data capabilities

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Multiracial business people using virtual reality technology

One of the core components of Immersive Learning is data science.

Capturing, analyzing, and presenting VR training data is an important part of Strivr’s immersive learning platform, and recently, those capabilities were enhanced.

Observer Analytics: VR analytics firm

Last month, Strivr finalized the acquisition of Observer Analytics, an analytics firm with extensive experience in developing a Software Development Kit (SDK) and a platform that collects, analyzes, and visualizes user behavior in mixed reality (MR) applications. This acquisition of Observer Analytics will support the advancement of Strivr’s capabilities in providing a unique level of data-driven insights on training performance.

The Observer team has deep-seeded experience with VR and AR across a broad customer base. They bring a fresh and valuable perspective on how data can be used to evaluate learners most effectively and accurately.

Strivr is thrilled to bring the Observer Analytics team and technology on board in elevating performance through immersive experience.

The future of VR analytics at Strivr

Strivr is working towards a future where performance data and immersive data are seamlessly combined to paint a holistic picture of workforce proficiency.  With these VR analytics, companies will be able to accurately predict on-the-job performance, iterate training to make it more effective, and make better people decisions that ultimately affect large-scale business objectives.

Learn about the data captured in VR, real-world examples of data from leading companies, and the impact VR data is having on the employee journey by watching our on-demand webinar: Unlocking performance: How VR data makes learning measurable.

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