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Why Strivr?

Strivr gives enterprise teams the power to elevate employee engagement, performance, and productivity at scale through AI-backed immersive learning experiences delivered in extended reality (XR) — spanning augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and virtual reality (VR).


Training sessions launched for Fortune 1000 enterprises and elite sports teams


Learners trained to drive engagement, performance, and operational efficiency


On-site deployments, spanning retail banks and grocery stores to hotels and healthcare facilities


VR experiences created, including off-the-shelf, editable, and custom content

Immersive learning benefits

The science behind immersive learning

We’ve long known that learning by doing is more effective than learning by watching. Situational immersion provides one of the most effective approaches to learning today, and after 20+ years of research on immersive technology and behavioral science, there are a number of reasons why.

Safe space to fail

Immersive technologies provide learners with a realistic, judgement-free, low-stakes environment where they can practice and refine skills with unlimited repetitions until they achieve confidence and mastery.

Real-world behavior change

Because our brains process experiences in extended reality (XR) as they would experiences in the real world, skills and behaviors learned in XR translate to real-world behavioral change on the job.

Replicate reality without the risk

Immersive learning gives organizations the power to safely expose learners to those rare, high-stakes, hard-to-train-for scenarios that would normally be dangerous, expensive, or impractical to replicate in real life.

Enhanced learning retention

While lecture- and reading-based training respectively yield 5% and 10% retention rates on average, immersive learning yields an average retention rate of 75%, enabling learners to achieve proficiency of new skills and concepts in a fraction of the time.

Unparalleled insights

Because actions, decisions, and behaviors executed in XR replicate those that a learner would execute in real life, data captured in-headset can provide employers with predictive analytics and behavioral insights into employee preparedness.

Faster path to proficiency

Training in XR enables quicker skill mastery due to the synergy across many reasons previously listed — from training in real-world environments and the ability to safely practice on-demand to higher retention as a result of higher engagement.