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Off-the-shelf content: Ready-made VR training experiences

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While customized or self-authored VR learning experiences are the right approach for many enterprise organizations, off-the-shelf VR has its place, too. Off-the-shelf VR content makes a lot of sense for organizations eager to get started with VR learning experiences — but nervous about the production that goes along with custom-building VR content from scratch.

In general, VR learning experiences are more effective and scaleable than any other type of training available in the enterprise today. VR training is effective largely because learning by doing increases retention, and the ability to repeat the training on demand further increases that retention. The type of realistic practice learners get in VR leads to real-world behavioral change. This is particularly true of the subset of VR training known as Immersive Learning, which is informed by cognitive science and offers tangible metrics so that learning organizations can measure the results of training on both a team and an individual level.

Once your organization has arrived at the idea of immersive learning, the next decision is whether to create your own content with an authoring tool and SDKs, partner with a company like Strivr to custom-create a solution specific to your exact needs, or choose a ready-made off-the-shelf model.

Off-the-shelf vs. custom VR training content

Custom VR training content offers a world of possibility. You can film in your own work environment so that learners see their specific workplace when they don the headset. You have the ability to fine tune your specific learning objectives and build out VR training modules that capture metrics with precision. You can teach learners specific operational tasks, technology functions, and soft skills when you custom-design a VR model.

But not every valuable lesson is so specific to your business. There are some learning objectives that are fairly universal, including aspects of customer service, safety, and compliance training. A ready-made, off-the-shelf model can get that training into the hands of your workforce more quickly and at a lower cost, so your employees are better prepared for what their jobs entail.

Top 3 benefits of off-the-shelf content

Here are the top 3 benefits of leveraging Strivr's off-the-shelf content library over our custom content solutions:

Rapid deployment

A custom immersive learning module takes a bit of time to roll out. Strivr’s process — which is often quicker than self-authored VR — involves a series of steps. First, we meet to develop a strategy, and then we work on a curriculum design. From there, it takes time to produce content, build out the experience for the headset, set it up, and roll it out. Strivr has finessed this process so that it’s relatively quick, but nothing is as quick as a product that’s already made.

With off-the-shelf VR training, you simply roll it out. It’s the difference between making a gourmet dinner from scratch with a recipe you’ve never used that calls for all kinds of unique, novel ingredients — or simply going to a restaurant and digging in. If the type of training you are looking to implement is standard subject matter, using off-the-shelf VR can help you make it available quickly so you can start measuring results.

Cost efficiency

Self-authoring VR training is time-consuming and expensive because it requires you to invest in particular technologies and hire experts to work with them. Custom VR content from a company like Strivr can speed things up and save you money, but any customized immersive learning module will, by its very nature, cost more than a ready-made off-the-shelf VR solution. This is important not just because of the bottom line: for many companies, a lower price also lowers the barrier to getting started. It can be easier to make the case for Immersive Learning with a product you can already see and use right away.

The same measurable results as custom immersive learning

Half the value of immersive learning is that it’s so highly measurable. Off-the-shelf VR offers the same quality metrics as custom VR. In Strivr’s case, VR training data includes usage, sentiment, performance, and attention data.

In addition, off-the-shelf VR training can be used to create predictive analytics, a measure of how well a learner will perform on the job in a real-world scenario based on their performance in the immersive learning experience.

Strivr’s new off-the-shelf Armed Attack training

Off-the-shelf VR learning might be the perfect way to introduce your L&D team and your workforce to the benefits of immersive learning.

With this in mind, Strivr has a new off-the-shelf VR solution for Armed Attack Training that can effectively train workers in retail stores, office environments, warehouses, and more — any workplace where there’s a danger of an armed attacker appearing. Unfortunately, today, that’s a widespread and all-too-frequent concern.

Strivr’s Armed Attack Training is designed to prepare employees for a life-threatening active shooter incident within a safe, simulated environment. It’s a highly memorable and entirely safe way to learn how to react if the worst were ever to occur.

We made the decision to focus on this topic for our first-ever off-the-shelf VR training program because these skills are both relevant and critical in our professional world today, and we want companies of all kinds and sizes to have access to this type of training.

Off-the-shelf training for 1-on-1 Conversations

It’s important to remember that Immersive Learning is not just for teaching procedural skills. It can also impart soft skills in a way that “sticks,” influencing how people interact with each other, customers, and partners.

Strivr offers a second off-the-shelf training module that coaches people leaders to develop their community skills, identify growth opportunities, and inspire their team members. During the Coaching 1-on-1 conversations course, people leaders learn and apply the 3W coaching framework of “Why, Wins, What’s Next,” practicing on a direct report in the headset and getting feedback and insights from their performance.

Good communication skills are at the heart of management, and being able to navigate difficult conversations and provide feedback are just a few of the specific skills team leaders must have. Immersive learning is an excellent way to let your people leaders practice the types of conversations that will ultimately make or break their leadership.

Effective, scalable training within reach for every organization

These are two of the off-the-shelf VR training modules Strivr has launched. Stay tuned for more as we expand our library of off-the-shelf content influenced by the conversations we have every day with enterprise customers. Our goal is to make immersive learning not just effective and scalable but within reach for every enterprise organization.

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