Elevate performance through
immersive experience

STRIVR offers an end-to-end Immersive Learning platform that
revolutionizes the way people and businesses train, learn, and perform.

Strivr Research

Drawing on 20+ years of research in immersive technology and behavioral science, STRIVR leverages virtual reality to deliver highly impactful training at scale.

Team insights

Your team will develop new skills faster, spend less time away from the business, and gain unique, data-driven insights to improve performance.

More effective learning

Immersive learning increases retention and engagement. Learners get on-demand access to real-world scenarios in a safe environment. Businesses gain unique insights to assess performance and impact.

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Measurable impact

Immersive learning is being widely adopted by leading Fortune 500 companies for mission critical use cases including safety, operational efficiency and customer service. With STRIVR, organizations have seen training times reduced by 40%, customer satisfaction scores surge by 10%, and the number of employees feeling better prepared increase by 100%.

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Fidelity Investments
Strivr Headset

Beyond the headset

More than just content inside a headset, immersive learning provides realistic, high-impact experiences. Its effectiveness is driven by L&D experts, instructional designers, data scientists, solutions architects and immersive content specialists.

STRIVR offers the only end-to-end solution bringing together the software, hardware and services needed to deliver consistent, realistic and immersive training at scale.

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Strivr Quote

STRIVR gives us a practical, scalable way to teach new skills, give associates more confidence in their jobs and make work more exciting and fun.

- Brock McKeel, Senior Director of Central Operations, Walmart

More than a how-to manual that spells out routine actions and responses, the immersive experience helps build confidence and prepare our people to run great stores.

- Judith McKenna, , President and CEO, Walmart International

Throughout the training, the Fidelity employee is “transported” between the call center and the customer’s living room to view the environment, facial expressions and personal perspective.

– Adam Schouela, VP Emerging Technologies, Fidelity