Report: VR for Soft Skills Training

Soft skills are incredibly important for employee and organizational development, but training to develop and improve soft skills often falls short. Enter VR, which in its infancy as a technology has proven to be a boon to traditional soft skills training due to the inherent features of the technology. In this paper, we’ll explore why VR is the answer to many of the challenges of soft skills training.

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Report: Implementing VR to Transform Employee Training

Organizations as varied as Walmart, BMW, Chipotle, Tyson, Nationwide, the NFL, and Fidelity are transforming their employee training today with Virtual Reality—and driving measurable performance results. This report should help you prepare for a world where nearly all employees, regardless of industry, will be instructed, trained, and assessed using immersive technologies.

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VR Training

Customer Q&A: Transforming Training at JetBlue

JetBlue uses STRIVR to enhance training for technicians at JetBlue University (JBU), where in 2017 the College of Technical Operations trained 1,802 technicians. We sat down with Andy Kozak, Manager of the College of Technical Operations at JBU, for a conversation about using VR as part of training.

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jetBlue Q&A

Webinar: How Companies Are Using VR for Training

Watch a recording of this webinar which features STRIVR co-founder and Stanford professor Jeremy Bailenson with STRIVR VP of Product Yelena Drabkin. The two discuss how VR is transforming the way organizations train and develop their talent.

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Report: Why Immersive Training is the Future of Corporate L&D

Stanford professor Jeremy Bailenson has released his latest book, titled Experience On Demand: What Virtual Reality Is, How It Works, and What It Can Do. In this report, you will be exposed to portions of Bailenson’s book and will understand why VR is the future of performance training as well as an empathy-building machine.

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Walmart VR Training

Report: 4 Reasons to Start Using VR for Learning & Training

VR technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, and businesses are catching on. One obvious and successful application of VR technology is training. Given the many benefits provided by VR, it’s no surprise training applications have found early success. In this report, you will learn 4 reasons why VR training is better than traditional training practices.

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VR for Learning and Training

Guidebook: STRIVR Training for Football

Learn why VR has been quickly adopted by professional and college football teams and how STRIVR provides the most powerful VR training product in the sports world.

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VR Training for Football

Infographic: The Future of Corporate Training

This infographic summarizes some of the reasons why corporate learning is looking for something more effective and something that will truly drive performance results across the organization. STRIVR customers have been using VR to improve bottom line business results, including cutting costs and improving productivity.

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The Future Of Corporate Training

Strivr Quote

VR repetition is significant because it’s not easy to recreate in a classroom. They get it over and over again so it sticks in a quicker way.

- Alby Segall, Emily Griffith Foundation