Report: The Future of Work is Immersive

This exclusive report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services provides an inside look at how the most successful leaders are meeting today’s hiring and upskilling needs, setting a foundation for the future of work, and collecting unique data insights to prove impact.

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Technician training had previously been done classroom-style, until JetBlue introduced Immersive Learning and saved costs while engaging a new generation of workers.

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Walmart harnesses the power of Immersive Learning to transform the associate experience, providing situational experience to elevate performance and critical customer-service skills.

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Verizon protects and prepares its frontline employees across all 1,600 Verizon stores by having them experience the heart-pounding rush of an armed robbery — in Virtual Reality.

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Imagine being hired at an essential business where you’ve never worked before. At a time like this, you want to feel confident in your ability…

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Strivr Science

Virtual Reality is an epic win for training scenarios

Jeremy Bailenson explains the neuroscience behind Immersive Learning and how VR activates the human brain to make decisions and learn just as it would in the real world.

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