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Enterprise VR Training

Enterprise VR Training

The biggest, most innovative enterprise organizations are replacing traditional employee training methods with immersive, interactive experiences. By simulating real-world scenarios in safe, controlled, and repeatable environments, enterprise VR training is now the most efficient way for enterprises to onboard, upskill, and so much more.

Elevated enterprise VR training from Strivr

Enterprise VR training holds limitless potential—but execution is everything. Strivr’s platform takes the immersive qualities of VR and adds data science, advanced learning theory, and 3D design to create experiences that improve proficiency and drive results through all channels of enterprise learning and development. Here’s how we do it.

  • Strategy and planning: Customized solutions addressing your challenges, learners, and business goals.
  • Content creation: Utilizing 36,000+ hours of expertise in creating results-driven, customer-influenced content, allowing for a VR  business solution that fits every organization.
  • Change management: Practical learning methodologies for long-term impact and retention
  • Hardware procurement: Stress-free headset purchasing, provisioning, distribution, and management
  • Data science: Expert resources to drive data-informed insights for better decision-making, allowing VR for business to extend beyond the basic enterprise learning and development stages.

What is enterprise learning and development? The concept allows employees at all levels of the funnel to sharpen and enhance what they’ve learned through training. This is important not only for onboarding, but for ensuring that all employees are at the same level, regardless of if they’ve been there for 1 week or 10 years. VR for business can revolutionize your learning and development experience.

Three VR headsets sitting on a white circular table

Enterprise training solutions with impact

Unlike traditional training, Immersive Learning offers unique insights into user behavior that can only be captured in VR for business—and are perfected in the Strivr platform. 

  1. Usage data: Who is doing the training, how often, and for how long
  2. Sentiment analysis: How learners feel about the immersive training experience
  3. Performance data: How learners perform when it comes to specific skills
  4. Attention and engagement data: Where and how users pay attention within the VR experience (head movement, eye tracking, interactions, clicks)



reduction in training time from 8 hours to 15 minutes



felt prepared when put in dangerous situations

MGM Resorts



new team members onboarded a week

“We don’t just want to succeed today; we want to build a game-changing Immersive Learning program for the future.”

— Laura Lee, CHRO, MGM Resorts International

The benefits of enterprise VR training with Strivr

Strivr works with some of the biggest companies in the world to deliver effective, customized, scalable enterprise VR training in areas like operational efficiency, health and safety, customer service, and critical soft skills. 

Improved engagement
More investment in brand values that inform everyday work
Increased retention 
Improved confidence in on-the-job skills—and less employee turnover
Boosted productivity
Smarter on-the-spot decision making and transferable skills
Safer training
Realistic practice in a low-stakes, easy-to-replicate environment
Reduced training time and costs
Fewer resources spent on costly trainers, frequent in-person training, and safety incidents
Customized training for specific roles
VR enterprise training tailored to specific goals, workplace environments, and roles

Store-level productivity is strong, due in part to the training we are providing our associates. As the nature of work continues to change, we’re innovating to empower associates to better serve customers as they develop new skills, thriving in their jobs and growing their careers.

Doug McMillon, CEO, Walmart

Enterprise-scaled VR training in action 

Strivr’s Immersive Learning platform can be customized to suit any industry and its unique learning objectives. Whether you’re looking to improve customer service or prepare employees in case of an emergency, enterprise VR training can meet you—and your learners—exactly where they are.

New equipment rollout

Case Study


Customer story

Enterprise VR training helps Walmart associates learn how to properly greet customers, get virtual hands-on practice with equipment before it’s even installed, and master new skills without interrupting the flow of business.

Immersive Learning allows us to recreate those situations that we can’t or don’t want to recreate at the store with customers present. Associates go through training in a real, life-like environment so they can learn from it and feel the experience of it.

– Andy Trainor, VP, Learning, Walmart US


Case Study


Customer story

Enterprise VR training helps Verizon prepare its call center employees for difficult customer interactions and how to diffuse them using empathy and understanding.

Immersive Learning gives you perspective on what the customer might be felling when they are calling.

– Annonymous Verizon Employee


Case Study


Customer story

Sprouts uses enterprise VR training to help new hires experience the six Sprouts values in action. Learners build a “customer-first” mentality through complete immersion in a true-to-life VR experience.

When you’re in that headset, you’re so immersed. You feel like you’re there.

– Cindy Chikahisa, VP Store Operations, Sprouts


Case Study


Customer story

AdventHealth uses enterprise VR training to improve patient care so nurses have more confidence in assessing patient conditions and administering medication incrementally.

These were off-the-chart numebrs we didn’t really expect. Now we have a long line of people who want to do VR training.

– Todd LArson – AdventHealth

Redefining Technical Learning

Case study


Customer story

JetBlue uses two enterprise VR training modules to give technicians realistic experiences without having to take actual jets out of commission—and saves money in the process.

Working with Strivr was absolutely awesome. We checked every box, and it was very exciting to work with a group that was so prepared.

– Andy Kozak, Manager College of Technical Operation, JetBlue

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