A new era in spatial computing begins with Apple Vision Pro – and Strivr is ready

Close-up of high-resolution virtual reality goggles with a scenic mountain lake reflected in the lenses.

Apple Vision Pro features an ultra-high-resolution display system that packs 23 million pixels across two displays — more than a 4K TV for each eye — and the brand-new R1 chip, for a virtually lag-free, real-time view of the world. Source: Apple

A new era of spatial computing has arrived with the availability of Apple Vision Pro. Described as a “revolutionary spatial computer,” the product represents a huge step forward for immersive tech — expanding the types of experiences that can be created, and likely ushering in a whole new group of users.

Here at Strivr, we have been working toward the release of Apple Vision Pro and are looking forward to partnering with customers to further transform workplace engagement, productivity, and performance through spatial computing. As a leader in VR training solutions to elevate workforce performance, Strivr is actively developing experiences that will directly support the adoption and impact of Apple Vision Pro in the enterprise space.

The Strivr Labs app from Strivr for Apple Vision Pro

The Strivr Labs app for Apple Vision Pro brings unique enterprise learning opportunities to life. Source: Strivr

The Strivr Labs app from Strivr for Apple Vision Pro will leverage key features of the product to further drive advancements in enterprise learning & development by:

  • Bringing learning into the natural flow of work: An uninterrupted and guided workflow with access to information in the field of view to enable higher levels of productivity.
  • Delivering training into real-world environments: High-quality video pass through to enable training to take place in the physical environment where skills must be applied on the job – grocery aisles, hotel lobbies, manufacturing plants, and even at your desk.
  • Enabling complete immersion for learning optimization: Immersive environments in Apple Vision Pro eliminate distractions from the outside world, allowing for full engagement during training sessions that are rare, dangerous, and expensive to replicate in the real world.
  • Using AI to generate dynamic and adaptive experiences: Personalized, intuitive, realistic communication, real-time animations based on context and user input to generate more compelling experiences.

Apple Vision Pro is opening up the art of the possible in spatial computing, and we’re poised and ready for the ride in 2024 and beyond! 

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