The Ultimate Guide to Immersive Learning

Discover best practices, tips, and frameworks that help today’s largest companies deliver measurable impact with Virtual Reality-based training.

Immersive Learning

What if you could give your employees hands-on training in a safe virtual environment, where they think and behave like they would in the real world?
What if you could build people’s skills and confidence at the same time?
What if you could improve knowledge retention by up to 16 times while reducing training times by up to 96%?

This is the power of Immersive Learning.

Immersive Learning has taken the corporate world by storm. Immersive learning and interactive training are becoming cornerstones of corporate learning and are building a foundation for the future. Founded in behavioral and cognitive science, Immersive Learning is an experiential, interactive training methodology that uses Virtual Reality (VR) to simulate real-world scenarios and train employees in a safe and engaging environment. It combines the sense of presence of VR with advanced learning theory, data science, and spatial design to improve effectiveness and user engagement.

It’s like having 1-on-1 coaching in the real world, while getting immediate feedback.

– Van Sun, Assembly Trainer, BMW

Make it Happen

Since 2015, Virtual Reality-based training has evolved. Thanks to scientific research and data from millions of sessions, there is now a proven methodology for scaled deployment of VR learning. The Ultimate Guide lays out the frameworks, tactics, and best practices you need to become an Immersive Learning guru.

Here’s a sneak peek.

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Solve your company’s top business objectives.

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Develop learning objectives that build the skills your people need.

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Content Production

Bring skills to life in 360 film or CGI.

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Experience building

Transform content into interactive Immersive Learning experiences.

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Prepare hardware and internal resources for scaled deployment.

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Rollout & adoption

Train your workforce on the Immersive Learning platform.

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Performance analysis

Discover exclusive insights to help prove your business case

Included in the
Ultimate Guide:

Sample frameworks, worksheets, outlines, and planning docs.

strategic framework
sample curriculum outline
sample rollout plan

Form a task force

If you were going to form an internal task force – an Immersive Learning Governance Board – who would you include? We recommend a highly collaborative group across functional areas and seniority levels. Together, this group will agree on short and long-term strategy for Immersive Learning. Pro tip: include an L&D lead, an executive sponsor, and a business unit lead to start, and bring in other team members (communications, IT, data) as the VR learning process gets going.

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Immersive Learning is a game-changer for teaching mission-critical skills that will help your organization win in the market.


Global industry analyst

Results You Can See


Reduction in pickup tower training, from 8 hours to 15 minutes


Increase in custom satisfaction in less than 6 months


Felt prepared for dangerous situations


More likely to remember values compared to non-VR learners

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