VR Learning

Coaching 1-on-1 conversations

Help people leaders develop their communication skills, identify growth opportunities, and inspire their team members.

Unlocking team potential

Practice makes progress

Immersive learning isn’t just for learning physical skills. VR offers a unique training experience that allows team leaders to practice providing feedback to their teams while self-assessing their own performance and progress.

It’s not traditional training. It’s not sitting in a classroom or watching video. Our team feels like they’re getting 1:1 training when they put the headset on. They feel like they’re part of the training, and that’s really connecting.

— Fortune 500 Airline

VR training for 1-on-1 conversations

Over two scenarios, people leaders will learn and apply the 3W coaching framework (Why, Wins, What’s Next). The learner will practice coaching a direct report by providing feedback on performance and productive insights on how to improve.

Course outcomes

  • Learn to ask open-ended, thought-provoking questions
  • Encourage more listening, less talking
  • Promote employee self-discovery
  • Facilitate conversations that lead to actions and commitments
  • Approach coaching as an opportunity rather an obligation
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