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At Strivr, we are laser focused on delivering results. The Strivr immersive VR solution seamlessly brings together our VR training platform with expert content and implementation services.

Our complete offering:

  1. Software
  2. Services
  3. Content
  4. Hardware


Our Immersive Learning platform is based on a secure and compliant infrastructure. It powers the creation, management, and experience of immersive training with a unique level of data-driven insights and predictive analytics.


Creator software

Immersive content creation tool, based on behavioral science and L&D best practices with rich data-collection capabilities.

Content & device management

Remote management of content and software across devices and locations, including telemetry and data transfer.

In-headset experience

Intuitive VR learning experiences for self-guided or facilitator-led sessions, with adaptive learning paths and assessments.

Analytics & predictions

Advanced analytics-based usage, engagement, and attention data, with deep insights on VR training performance and predictive analytics models.



Our experts translate critical business objectives into learning paths and ensure smooth deployment, ongoing engagement, and insights.

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Strategy & planning

Performance consultants assess business needs and translate them into learning objectives. They identify the most impactful use cases and establish success metrics and data requirements.

Curriculum design

Immersive content specialists and L&D experts ideate, design, and build custom curriculum, leveraging Strivr’s science-led learning methodology.

Performance analysis

Data scientists help define success metrics. They deliver ongoing analysis and predictive models for key business insights.

Implementation & change management

Customer success teams drive scalable rollout and support adoption, engagement, and impact of workforce training.

Customer support

Product specialists ensure troubleshooting, issue resolution, and usage guidance for software and hardware.



Our content creators are hybrids of filmmakers, instructional designers, and UX experts. We orchestrate the artistic and educational aspects of Immersive Learning, driving the entire asset production and delivery to our virtual reality software platform.



We select, procure, and configure all required hardware and provide complete on-site physical setup.

How We

Strivr guides you through every step in the journey to immersive VR solutions, from initial strategy to analysis and optimization.

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