Measuring the Value of Immersive Learning

Look around. The value of Immersive Learning manifests across the entire business. From cost savings, to operational efficiency, to employee engagement, explore the measurable impact of Immersive Learning.

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Scroll through the interactive infographic below for results from across the Fortune 500.

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Improve Workplace Safety


of Verizon store employees felt prepared for dangerous situations

Verizon wanted to provide realistic training on how to react to armed robbery situations. Immersive Learning enables mental repetitions in a safe environment that feels like real life, making it ideal for such critical moments. By teaching employees how to manage emotions, Verizon emphasized what was most important: the safety of their employees and customers.

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Eliminate Business Interruptions

Major U.S. airline avoided commissioning planes for training, a daily cost of


Whether it’s pulling an employee off the sales floor or paying for an aircraft to be taken out of commission, training can be a significant disruption to normal operations. Immersive Learning saves costs by giving access to high value material anywhere, anytime, and providing effective training in the flow of business.

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Reduce Onboarding Time

Sprouts reduced new hire values training by 81%

Sprouts needed to hire thousands of new employees quickly, even as safety protocols were changing to keep everyone as protected and healthy as possible. Faster, safer onboarding was critical to meet customers’ needs. Immersive Learning provides realistic training in a virtual world that replicates the real world so new hires gain the necessary knowledge and skills faster.

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Improve Customer Service

Financial company boosted customer satisfaction


in less than
6 months

At a leading financial institution, difficult and emotional financial conversations happen regularly, and navigating them properly and with empathy is key to strong customer satisfaction. Immersive Learning allows employees to practice critical thinking and gain a holistic picture of customer needs, so they can better develop empathy and communication skills.

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Improve Brand
& Scale Culture

Sprouts increased retention of all six company values by 16 times.

As onboarding moves to be more remote, it’s challenging to communicate brand values and engage employees in company culture meaningfully. In VR, Sprouts employees get experiential learning of company values in action. This helps scale their unique culture in a standardized way, all while reinforcing the importance of customer service.

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Decrease Incident Costs


of employees at multinational food processor felt more prepared to handle safety hazards

Practice in a realistic environment helps develop situational and spatial awareness that leads to safer workplace behaviors, fewer incidents, and reduced costs. Because Immersive Learning is experiential, it has transcended language and cultural barriers, while touching both managers and new hires for refresher training and onboarding, respectively.

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Accelerate Speed
to Proficiency

Walmart shortened training time for associates on a new technology by

96 %

To rollout innovation that will provide a competitive edge, it needs to be done at scale consistently and efficiently. Immersive Learning is an effective replacement for instructor-led and on-the-job training because it significantly reduces time spent training without sacrificing effectiveness or engagement. It also eliminates the need for instructors to travel.

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Decrease Turnover

Global shipping company provided a realistic job preview, resulting in


retention of
package handlers

With Immersive Learning, every new hire across the company gets the same realistic preview of the job experience, improving consistency and setting the right expectations at scale. Since they are exposed to the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of the role in the headset, they show up mentally and physically prepared on day one - no surprises.

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