Active shooter response training

Prepare for life-threatening active shooter situations in a safe, VR live-action training experience.

woman wearing vr headset
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Do you run? Do you hide? Do you fight back?

Practice is the best defense

No amount of traditional eLearning can adequately prepare someone for an active threat in the workplace. VR active shooter training prepares teams for the unimaginable by immersing them in a realistic, high-stakes environment where their split-second decisions can save lives.

It’s one thing to talk about safety and security for your employees. It’s another thing to bring that idea to life.

Michael Mason
Senior VP & Chief Security Officer, Verizon

We all feel very confident that lives were saved and seconds were gained.

Doug McMillon
CEO, Walmart
VR rendering of multiple choice questions with blurred office setting in background
Armed attacker preparedness

VR training for critical situations

Learners will apply the 3-Out Method—Get Out, Lock Out, Take Out—in a true-to-life armed attack in an office building. Learners will determine which “Outs” to take and identify the objects found in an office space that can be used as self-defense against an armed assailant.

VR rendering of multiple choice questions with blurred office setting in background

Course outcomes

  • Learn potential consequences of not following safety protocol in high-risk situations
  • Understand how to stay alert and aware of your surroundings
  • Identify escape routes and methods to fight back when necessary
  • Remain calm in crisis and ensure the safety of yourself and others
VR rendering of an office with highlighted items for self defense use

The time to prepare is now

Reading about it is one thing–experiencing it is another. We’ll send you a demo headset so you can experience VR active threat training for yourself.