Report: The Future of Work is Immersive

From Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

The world of work is changing fast, and 2020 has only accelerated these changes. It’s reached a tipping point, and business leaders have to look in the mirror and ask, “Am I meeting the needs of a changing workforce?”

It’s no longer enough to simply address skills gaps; leaders today must find ways to meet the needs of employees by getting them engaged, while also meeting the performance and efficiency needs of the business. Leaders must create added value through learning.

This exclusive report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services provides an inside look at how the most successful leaders are doing that today: Immersive Learning. These executives are meeting today’s hiring and upskilling needs, setting a foundation for the future of work, and collecting unique data insights to prove impact.

FedEx Ground is meeting the demands of an e-commerce explosion. In retail, Walmart is scaling effective and engaging learning to millions of people. Verizon is creating better customer experiences for tier one business customers. The list goes on.

Download the report to discover why Immersive Learning has become invaluable for businesses that are thinking strategically about their workforce and acting to build the future of work now. 

What’s in the report:

  • The cognitive science behind why Immersive Learning works
  • Results and best practices from Fortune 500 executives
  • Tips for getting started with Immersive Learning
  • How Immersive Learning helps solidify your seat at the table as a strategic business partner

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