What does the Apple Vision Pro mean for enterprise VR?

Apple’s Vision Pro announcement last week is very likely to be one of the “watershed moments” for the VR/AR industry, as the long-anticipated announcement gives a boost and, hopefully, greater confidence to the space. The initial event and follow-up conversations have generated the necessary buzz and set expectations that “spatial…

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Faster, easier, better: The role of GenAI in Immersive Learning and VR training experiences

There isn’t a single industry that won’t benefit from the sudden widespread accessibility of generative AI, but when it comes to Immersive Learning, that’s especially true. The biggest challenges to creating virtual reality (VR) learning experiences aren’t necessarily hardware-related but content-related, and generative AI (GenAI) has…

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Employee Experience, HR, L&D

Interactive Training: Engaging Employees Like Never Before with VR

Interactive training is a broad category of learning that prioritizes engaging the learner in ways that encourage active learning. Interactive learning increases engagement, participation, and, ultimately, how much people absorb and retain.  The easiest way to describe interactive training is to say what it’s not. Dry PowerPoint presentations, 2D workbooks,…

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