85% of companies are investing in Immersive Learning. See why.

How are you meeting the new immersive reality?

Download Accenture’s latest report that outlines the business case and strategy for an enterprise-wide Immersive Learning rollout powered by technologies like Virtual Reality (VR).

Report highlights:

  • Only 26% of employees strongly agree that their employer prepares them for the future skills necessary to adopt and adapt.
  • Companies must increase their investments in L&D to remain competitive, and find innovative ways to keep employees engaged or risk losing them.
  • Leading companies can go beyond traditional limitations by reinventing L&D programs with Immersive Learning to engage workers more deeply in learning.
  • Expanding the scope of use cases for Immersive Learning – onboarding, recurring training, employee assessments, soft skills – helps modernize the employee experience and improve ROI.