Reskilling for growth with VR: The future of learning is immersive

Featured Speakers

John Jordan

Managing Director,
Head of The Academy
Bank of America

Strivr CEO Derek Belch, a smiling, brown-haired white man

Derek Belch

Founder & CEO, Strivr

Tamar Elkeles


The corporate landscape has changed more in the last 12 months than it has in the last several decades put together, and companies must determine how they will embrace this evolution to drive their businesses’ long-term success. The answer lies in our people.

Corporate leaders must ensure today’s workforce is more engaged, more prepared, and more resilient. Employees must have the right tools in place to excel in their current roles, adapt to new ones, and make a quantifiable impact on the business. It’s about reskilling for growth, and it’s a new era in learning.

Watch our on-demand panel discussion featuring industry thought leaders and experts from Bank of America, Strivr, and XCOM Labs to hear more about how companies are leaning into VR-based Immersive Learning to unlock the future of workforce performance.

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