The Future of Employee Training is with STRIVR

Engage and improve your talent like never before

We develop immersive VR training experiences that inspire exceptional employee engagement and improved performance. STRIVR is the future of learning: next-generation learning tools, a simple and intuitive learning experience, and performance-driven technology. By experiencing real-life situations over and over again in immersive environments, employees will truly master essential skills for their roles–faster than ever before. And not only will your learners enjoy immersive training, but with lower training costs and improved employee productivity, your bottom line will, too.

Why is learning in VR so much better than traditional learning methods?

Your brain treats VR like a real life experience


Your brain treats VR like a real life experience. There is science that proves it.


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Real life experiences are the best way to learn and remember.


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Experiences in virtual reality help you learn better, remember more, and improve.

Deliver Better Training Across The Enterprise

STRIVR can train employees in a variety of areas

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Get your sales people selling better and faster.

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Customer Service

A better way to learn how to deliver great service in any situation.

Operations and role training flow chart icon

Operations & Role-Training

Learn processes and procedures quicker and never make the wrong decision.

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Safety & Security

Reduce workplace incidents now that training is both very realistic and very safe.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Completely change the way you approach D&I with unprecedented insight into individual behavior.

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HR & Compliance

Make traditional compliance training more engaging and more interesting for employees.

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Executive Leadership

Develop leaders in new ways and expedite their progress.

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Crisis Management

Practice how to deal with rare but hugely important events.

How STRIVR Works

STRIVR uses VR to deliver better training for your business, from your front-line employees all the way up to your executives. Here’s what sets us apart:

Immersive, Realistic Environments. Employees can use VR to train as if they were really working.
Data & Assessment. Rich, real-time insights to evaluate performance for every situation.
Easy Implementation. Get started fast, whether it's for one team or the whole company.

Better training for everyone

With 30 years of combined VR experience on staff, plus deep industry expertise across a range of sectors, we’re ready to help you drive high performance.

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Public Service