Case study

Walmart enhances preparation for store leaders with introduction of immersive learning

Walmart wanted a new way to train employees that was different and better than the standard training (e.g. PowerPoint instruction and other traditional methods). The training would have to be:

  • Valuable for Learners
  • Easy to use for Trainers
  • Data-driven for Leadership

Walmart used STRIVR’s immersive training platform to create a Next Gen learning program for Walmart employees that utilizes virtual reality (VR) technology. Walmart recreated several different training scenarios in VR and deployed the platform across 200 of their Walmart Academies to train over 150,000 employees in 2017.


70% of employees who used STRIVR training did better on their learning evaluation exams versus the group that did not use STRIVR.

The overall training satisfaction score reported by these employees was also 30% higher than those who did the standard training.


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Strivr Quote

The trainers see improved engagement, and student assessments after the classes rate the VR training very highly. It’s one of the most memorable aspects of their training.

- Brock McKeel, Senior Director Central Operations, Walmart