Future of work: Transforming the employee journey with experiential learning

The workplace is changing dramatically. New disruptive technologies are continuously being introduced, and the challenge of attracting, training and retaining talent has never been greater. Watch this webinar on demand to learn how Walmart is transforming the employee experience for everyone in the front-line to management suite, and elevating performance through Immersive Learning.


Head shot of Andy Trainer, white male. Speaker in Episode 2 Retailer 360

Andy Trainor

VP, U.S. Learning – Walmart

About the Speaker:

Andy Trainor is responsible for Walmart learning in the U.S. He oversees L&D for all stores, the home office, realty and supply chain. Andy has been with Walmart for nearly 20 years.

Dr Michael Casale, Chief Science Officer at Strivr

Michael Casale

Chief Science Officer

About the Speaker:

Dr. Michael Casale is a cognitive neuroscientist whose academic research focused on understanding the biological underpinnings of learning and memory, in particular how to optimize training for a variety of learning situations. He has led multi-million dollar research projects aimed at understanding how virtual technologies can be used to facilitate the effectiveness of behavioral therapy. Dr. Casale has been published dozens of times in notable peer-reviewed journals such as Memory & Cognition and the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience.

Michael Manuccia, Chief Operating Officer at Strivr

Michael Manuccia

Chief Operating Officer, Strivr

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