Disrupting L&D with immersive learning

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Free ebook: Disrupting L&D with immersive learning

Today’s workforce demands the resources to build job-specific, interpersonal and confidence-building skills so they can elevate performance and succeed. Leaders are under pressure to provide the training that will support individuals and positively affect overall culture.

At the same time, organizations need to scale up learning quickly, with less time available to train on the job, and a competitive need for employees to be as efficient as possible from day one. One-on-one training, albeit effective, simply isn’t realistic or scalable.

L&D orgs are in a position to be a pivotal player in driving innovation and growth, but that will only happen if they’re enabled with the right technology. Real-world simulation provides real-world behavioral change in the workplace in areas of onboarding, training, upskilling and retention.

In this ebook you’ll learn the:

  • Highest priority expectations from the modern learner
  • Definition of immersive learning and how to implement it at scale
  • Ways to create measurable insights into the efficacy of training
  • Science behind VR-based learning and how companies use it to elevate performance

Immersive learning, especially in virtual reality (VR), is a dramatically new way to learn, and companies are seeing tremendous ROI from VR training. In fact, over one million employees are already learning with immersive technology.

Download the free ebook “Disrupting L&D with immersive learning” to learn about the tremendous impact that immersive learning has had on employee experience at companies like Walmart, Fidelity and Verizon.

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