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The employee experience is king: Conversation with Josh Bersin

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Josh Bersin and Derek Belch discuss how immersive learning is already revolutionizing the way employees train and perform for world-leading companies like Walmart, Verizon, and JetBlue. In addition to shedding light on the business benefits of investing more into employee learning and development, they discuss how extended reality (XR) training gives organizations the power to measure and even predict employee performance at scale.

Tune into this webinar to learn

  • How leading companies use VR training to achieve operational excellence
  • Why immersive learning excels at safely preparing employees for rare, dangerous, or hard-to-train-for situations
  • What neuroscience has taught us about the benefits of VR training
  • What unique insights can be leveraged from advanced data analytics capabilities enabled by VR technologies


Josh Bersin
Global L&D Analyst
Derek Belch
Founder & CEO, Strivr

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