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Stanford professor shares why employees learn better & faster in VR

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Effective employee training has traditionally come at a cost. For the best learning to take place, most companies have poured significant resources into expert instructors that either provide on-the-job training or 1:1 mentorship to employees. But with the evolution of VR, business leaders are finding that they no longer need to sacrifice effectiveness or scale in order to train their employees.

Join world-renowned VR expert, Dr. Jeremy Bailenson, Strivr Co-Founder and Founding Director of Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, as he shares his findings on why VR is the most engaging, scalable, and effective way to train employees.

Tune into this webinar to learn

  • How immersive learning training differs from traditional training methodologies
  • Why employees learn and retain more with VR training
  • How to leverage VR training to build empathy in your employees
  • Tips and strategies for creating effective and impactful VR training content


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Jeremy Bailenson, PhD
Co-Founder, Strivr

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