Train for the Unexpected

Health and Safety

Typical Use Cases

  • Emergency situations
  • Safety procedures
  • Hazard Identification
  • Confined space
  • Lock Out Tag Out procedure

Health and safety are critical concerns for every company today, and getting employees up to speed as quickly as possible in new or updated safety protocol is imperative. Immersive Learning places learners in realistic work environments so that they can experience and apply learning. This prepares them for health and safety challenges in the most comprehensive and lasting way.



Prepare for critical situations

It is traditionally very challenging to teach employees how to react to situations such as an armed robbery. Verizon uses VR to offer realistic training for its 22,000 employees at 1,600 retail stores.

Verizon associates learn to handle robberies at store opening and closing, as well as ‘snatch & grab’ scenarios. VR allows them to experientially go through the critical steps of de-escalating a high-risk moment and to make the right decisions under intense pressure.

Verizon Workplace Safety
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Prepare for dangerous situations and protect employees

Learning Objective

Place employees in extremely realistic simulation to test their response “in the moment”, increasing training impact and effectiveness.

Immersive Data & Insights

The training provided unique data driven insights.

For example, by capturing attention data during the scene, below, we can see where the participants focused their eyes and identify the gap between theoretical (I know I should not look at the robber) and practical knowledge.



increase in customer satisfaction in less than 6 months


felt prepared when put in dangerous situations

Feeling safe and secure in your workplace is integral to the decisions people make about where they’re going to come to work.

Michael Mason, Chief Security Officer, Verizon

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