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AdventHealth standardizes & scales clinical training with XR

In search of innovative new methods for delivering standardized, scaleable training to clinical staff members, AdventHealth approached Strivr to create a customized immersive learning course that would better equip registered nurses (RNs) to handle complex cases encountered during routine medical procedures.

of RNs felt more prepared for procedural sedation after XR training
of RNs felt more confident in administering medication
of RNs felt more confident in assessing patient conditions

The challenge

When you’re a large healthcare system and want to scale training, it’s a challenge to deliver consistent training. We only have so much equipment and so many facilities that can handle simulation.
Todd Larson
Director of Simulation & Innovation, AdventHealth

For AdventHealth, a large healthcare organization with 52 hospitals in 9 states, training is a critical program that must continuously evolve to bridge clinical knowledge gaps and keep employees up-to-date on new skills, approaches, and tools that will help them deliver the highest quality of patient care.

As a growing organization looking to expand its network of hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country, the ability to deliver standardized, scaleable training was of paramount importance.

AdventHealth chose to leverage XR-based immersive learning, partnering with Strivr to scale procedural sedation training for Registered Nurses (RNs) across the organization.

The solution

Strivr engaged our team members and allowed them to do their jobs, working closely with our instructional designers and our subject matter experts in each of the training areas.
Todd Larson
Director of Simulation & Innovation, AdventHealth
Snapshot from AdventHealth's Procedural Sedation XR training course.

After identifying goals and objectives for the XR training pilot, Strivr created three distinct training modules for procedural sedation. The modules were filmed in three separate locations within AdventHealth’s facilities, allowing us to get footage in the real environments without impacting day-to-day hospital operations.

Beginning with four large Florida hospitals, the solution was designed to address several key challenges for AdventHealth:

  • Consistency in training across facilities: Rather than relying on individual trainers with their own styles and approaches, XR training ensures that every learner is taught the exact same procedure in the same way.
  • Practice in a highly realistic but risk-free environment: XR provides a safe and effective way for trainees to practice and improve skills before performing procedures on real patients.
  • Repeatability: XR grants the ability for learners to repeat specific aspects of training until they confidently show proficiency levels needed to perform in the real world.

Course details

Target learners

Registered nurses (RNs)

XR content modality

Live action VR

XR use case(s)

Clinical procedural training

TRAINING duration

60 minutes (3 modules, 20 minutes each)

Learning objectives

  • Provide RNs with procedural sedation practice in a risk-free environment
  • Standardize and scale training with consistent, repeatable practice
  • Ensure the highest level of patient care

The impact

There is no way we would have picked up behavioral data of this nature without using a VR platform.
Todd Larson
Director of Simulation & Innovation, AdventHealth

With immersive learning, AdventHealth gained a more consistent and effective way to train its staff of nurses, initially focusing on procedural sedation. The learners were able to practice critical skills to reinforce on-the-job application, ensuring high levels of preparedness for patient care.

AdventHealth was also able to gain unique, data-driven insights to assess learner sentiment and confidence, as well as to inform areas of improvement for the training overall.

With Strivr,
was able to:
  • Close clinical knowledge gaps among clinical staff.
  • Deliver standardized, scalable procedural sedation training to RNs across all 52 hospital locations.
  • Boost learners' confidence in core clinical competencies related to procedural sedation, resulting in improved patient care and clinical outcomes.

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