Webinar Impact at scale: Preparing and training for tomorrow’s workplace - watch on demand

Impact at scale: Preparing and training for tomorrow’s workplace

{Originally featured on ChiefLearningOfficer.com}

In today’s rapidly evolving macroeconomic climate, businesses still must ensure employees are fully engaged and well-prepared to do their jobs. With a mission built around learning, Strivr hosts this webinar to share their experience and customers’ best practices for building expertise and confidence in their workforce.

As your business experiences surges in demand, you might wish you could onboard new employees faster. Better yet, what if every employee could learn from your best trainers without requiring significant travel? And as emotionally-charged conversations become more frequent with employees and customers alike, how can you better prepare your managers for these situations, as well?

Watch the webinar to discover how you can prepare people for difficult or even chaotic situations with Immersive Learning, the VR-based approach that’s making an impact at dozens of Fortune 500 companies even today.

Key takeaways:

  • The top use cases for VR, such as rolling out new processes and handling difficult conversations
  • How VR helps build both skills and confidence
  • How to reduce time spent training and get people on the job faster

Featured speaker:

Strivr CEO Derek Belch, a smiling, brown-haired white man

Derek Belch

CEO, Strivr

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