Black woman talking to white woman with VR headset on the desk

Fostering a more inclusive workplace with Immersive Learning

Imagine if your employees had the skills to foster an inclusive work environment. What if they didn’t just see and hear about inclusivity, but could  internalize and reflect on it? With Immersive Learning in Virtual Reality (VR), they can.

Immersive Learning helps employees identify and respond to non-inclusive behaviors by providing real-world practice in simulated environments. Through experiences as initiator, subject, and bystander of microaggressions, learners get mental and emotional practice navigating non-inclusive situations when they arise.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Why Immersive Learning is so effective for inclusive conversation training
  • How Immersive Learning builds skills in communication, active listening, emotional intelligence, and taking initiative
  • How to implement immersive inclusive conversations at scale

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