Strivr Welcomes Renowned HR and Talent Visionary Josh Bersin to Advisory Board

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Today we announced the addition of HR and talent visionary Josh Bersin to our advisory board. As a forward-thinking industry analyst and founder of Bersin™ by Deloitte, Josh brings deep expertise in the areas of corporate HR, talent management, recruiting, leadership and technology.

Despite spending more than $1,000 per employee each year on learning and development, organizations are rarely able to understand the effectiveness of their training programs.1 Through extensive research conducted on talent development strategies, Josh has recognized this challenge and the transformational role immersive learning through virtual reality can have on both employee performance and the bottom line.

“Traditional training methods and materials are costly and often ineffective. Most employees learn best by doing,” says Josh. “With Strivr’s Immersive Learning platform, training curriculum in VR can be tailored specifically for real-world scenarios, resulting in engaging experiences that drive behavioral change and performance improvements in a safe environment. I am excited to join the advisory board as Strivr continues its journey to completely reimagine L&D.”

Unlike other solutions that only focus on one aspect of learning and development, Strivr provides an end-to-end platform that supports the entire employee lifecycle – from onboarding and training to upskilling and retention. Strivr partners with customers on all aspects of immersive learning – this includes everything from discovery, strategic planning, curriculum design, content production, experience building, set up, adoption to performance analysis.

The platform is backed by over 20 years of research in behavioral science, giving the company the right set of tools and experience to bring immersive learning to mainstream enterprise adoption. Fortune 500 companies such as Walmart, Verizon, JetBlue and Fidelity have already implemented Strivr’s end-to-end immersive learning solution to improve safety, customer service and employee experience.

“As we push the boundaries of immersive learning, we look to partner with industry experts to help shape our strategy and align with future market needs,” said our CEO, Derek Belch. “Josh brings deep expertise and insight to the pain points many businesses feel in HR and talent development. He is a valuable addition to our advisory board as we continue to revolutionize the way people train, learn and perform.”

To learn more about how leading companies are using immersive learning to transform the L&D landscape and elevate employee engagement, join Derek and Josh for a fireside chat on Wednesday, June 5 at 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET. Register for the webinar and pre-submit your questions for Josh here.

1  Training Industry Report 2017, Training Magazine

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