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Clemson Prepares With Virtual Reality En Route To NCAA Football Championship

Clemson football player using STRIVR

Throughout the 2016 season, Clemson’s star quarterback Deshaun Watson supplemented his on-field training with off-field reps in virtual reality. Using STRIVR’s immersive training platform, Deshaun was able to watch and study hundreds of situations and reads from practice in order to better prepare for game day. He paid particular attention, nearly 40% of the plays viewed, towards blitz pickups.


Deshaun’s season-long blitz preparation was on full display in the 4th quarter of the National Championship game versus the University of Alabama’s vaunted defense. In the biggest moment of his life, Deshaun went 6-7 with 2 TDs en route to Clemson’s first national title since 1981.

With the most prolific quarterback in Clemson football history now headed to the NFL, head coach Dabo Swinney and the coaching staff must turn its attention to filling his shoes in 2017. Thankfully, they are in good hands thanks to the library of VR content that STRIVR has helped them develop to date – over 4,300 plays that future quarterbacks can learn from immediately. All of the plays simulate what it’s like to play on the big stage, in turn giving all Tigers quarterbacks a head start on learning as they gear up to defend their title.

Strivr Quote

I didn’t know what to expect early on from (the VR), but it’s been great for us. We’ve learned how to maximize the efficiency of it. Deshaun might go through yesterday’s blitz script. (Linebacker) Ben Boulware can go in and practice without having to practice. Sometimes a guy who is hurt can still get mental reps. There’s just so many uses for it. It’s been a great teaching tool.

- Dabo Swinney, Head Coach, Clemson University Football