New report from HBR-AS: The future of work is immersive

Harvard Business Review, The future of work is immersive

With the release of its latest exclusive report, Harvard Business Review Analytic Services has broken the news on the future of work: it’s immersive.

What does it mean to say the future of work is immersive? 

It means that, amid a rapidly changing work environment, “the tools you use for preparing your workforce can become your competitive advantage,” writes HBR-AS. In other words, what got you here likely won’t get you through the future. New tools – immersive tools – are the key to unlocking workforce performance and creating value. 

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In fact, as HBR-AS points out, Immersive Learning is already helping business leaders tackle critical workforce challenges around preparation, hiring, training, and upskilling. And they’re getting impressive results.

FedEx Ground is meeting the demands of an e-commerce explosion. In retail, Walmart has scaled effective and engaging learning to millions of people. Verizon has created better customer experiences for tier one business customers. 

The list goes on. In the paper, you’ll get inside the minds of the executives tackling these issues. They talk about how Immersive Learning has fundamentally improved employee preparedness, confidence, and performance. And they share how, with Immersive Learning, they are meeting today’s hiring and upskilling needs while setting a foundation for the future of work. 

“With the adaptability of the virtual environment, a company could simulate changing scenarios with the aim of enabling talent development to shift and change to meet competitive demands in the workplace.”

-Jeff Welch, Managing Director of FedEx Ground University

The paper also includes their executive tips for how to be successful with Immersive Learning. By creating internal alignment, selecting the right types of immersive training, and investing in a solution that yields impactful results, they’ve solidified their seat at the table as strong business partners to their organizations. 

Download the exclusive report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services to discover the path to the immersive solution that has reinvented hiring and training and is shaping the future of work as we know it.

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