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Strivr makes it easier than ever to create, deploy, and measure immersive learning. We couple our platform with expert professional services that provide a high touch customer experience, including VR strategy, content development, change management, and platinum-level support.

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How We Partner With
Enterprise Customers

  1. Strategy

    We help you determine the right use case for VR that solves your top business objectives.

  2. Curriculum design

    Our immersive instructional designers map learning objectives to the skills you want to build.

  3. Content production

    Our immersive content specialists bring every experience to life, either with 360 video or computer graphics.

  4. Experience build

    We use our internal tools to layer interactive learning features into the content.

  5. Setup

    We prepare and provision your hardware and help activate your internal resources for scaled deployment.

  6. Rollout & adoption

    We'll work alongside you and within your learning infrastructure to achieve maximum VR adoption and impact.

  7. Performance analysis

    Together, we'll review and analyze results and immersive data to prove success and expand your program.

Enabling a Smooth and
Successful Upgrade to VR

Warehouse worker removing a box from a storage shelf

Device procurement, provisioning, and logistics

One of Strivr’s superpowers is hardware logistics. We select, procure, configure, and ship all required headsets and other devices you may need to power Immersive Learning at each of your training locations. All your team needs to do is unpack and plug in - it’s that simple.

Man standing behind podium facilitating a company meeting

Change management

Rollout and adoption planning is critical to success. We do more than give you best practices and planning documents – though we do that, too. We help customize those plans to your company, use case, communication preferences, and learner group. Whatever it takes to help your employees adopt Strivr, we’ll help you do it.

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Establishing a Foundation
To Expand

Like with any platform, you’ll have a customer success team that will help you establish and achieve your goals. In addition, we offer a robust and easily searchable Customer Support portal and access to our expert support team whenever you need it.

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