Foster Better Social Interactions

Soft Skills

Typical Use Cases

  • Hiring, onboarding, interview training
  • Giving feedback
  • Difficult conversations
  • Candidate and employee assessment
  • Executive and manager development

The workplace is automating, increasing the value of soft skills required for positive social interactions, such as customer service, management or giving feedback. Immersive Learning allows learners to have interactions and explore real-world emotional responses, and the opportunity to reflect on and assess their own performance.

Case Study


Diversity and inclusion training

It is everyone’s responsibility to help foster a strong, inclusive work environment and create successful, diverse teams. But how do we teach and encourage inclusive behaviors and prepare teams and managers for tough conversations with employees or colleagues about these topics?

Walmart uses Immersive Learning to help managers and employees tackle these questions. First, they are immersed in a realistic scenario where an employee or colleague exhibits non-inclusive behavior. Next, they participate in an interactive face-to-face conversation with that person to talk about why that behavior doesn’t represent Walmart’s values, and how the employee can recognize and counter their biases in the future.

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Practice interpersonal skills and leadership tactics so employees recognize and respond to situations in appropriate ways that diffuse problems and circumvent tricky situations.

Learning Objective

Understand how participating in a difficult conversation in a controlled setting can work to increase confidence.
Bridge the gap between training and real world application, by developing a fully immersive experience simulating a real conversation.
Provide a more effective “role play” activity that will complement their current training program.
Build confidence for successfully handling a difficult conversation


The Strivr platform monitors employees‘ quantitative progress through the program, and also record & transcribe trainee responses, which lets trainers tailor how they measure performance and identify insights.

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