Increase Efficiency & Productivity

Operational Efficiency

Typical Use Cases

  • Front-line processes
  • Store operations
  • New process or equipment rollout
  • Lean methodology training

Businesses today operate at a relentless pace. There's no time for mistakes or downtime, making training important than ever. Immersive Learning allows employees to practice on demand, feel safe while practicing and receive immediate feedback. Ultimately, this increases preparedness, ensures expertise and builds confidence.

Case STudy


New equipment rollout

When Walmart rolls out new machinery and equipment in their thousands of stores around the country, associates must master new operations and routines. At the same time, greeting customers and conducting regular operations are always important. VR allows associates to be trained before the equipment is even installed, making virtual use of the best teachers. This removes interruptions to the regular business flow, and trims the time needed for training from eight hours to 15 minutes.

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To operate the new pickup towers, associates need to learn how to scan, sort and manage a steady stream of products in the middle of the store, while always greeting and managing customers.

Learning Objective

With Immersive Learning, there is no need for employees to wait for trainer to be on-site. It helps store associates become proficient even before the installation of equipment and enables 100% consistency of training.



Reduction in training time from 8 hours to 15 minutes


Trainer required, instead of 5 to 8 traveling


Pickup towers nationwide

Immersive Learning allows us to recreate those situations that we can’t or don’t want to recreate at the store with customers present. Associates go through training in a real, life-like environment so they can learn from it and feel the experience of it.

Andy Trainor, VP, Learning, Walmart US

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