An Asian man wearing a VR headset and a hi-vis jacket

Improve supply chain efficiency with VR-based learning

What if you could reach new and untapped milestones of performance and network optimization? With targeted, measurable, and scalable VR-based training, companies are getting an in-depth understanding of employee skills and behaviors and creating an opportunity for performance optimization. 

Through Strivr’s work deploying its Immersive Learning platform for shipping, supply chain, and logistics, major benefits have emerged. Companies are upleveling their supply chain training at scale – from realistic job previews during onboarding to hands-on practice loading trucks – and reducing turnover, improving efficiency, and decreasing safety incidents. 

In the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How Immersive Learning is transforming training for supply chain employees
  • How realistic practice and immersion in VR leads to improved performance
  • The unique data the Immersive Learning platform provides

Watch on-demand webinar: