Headshot of Stanford professor Jeremy Bailenson

Scaling culture with VR: Interview with Stanford Professor Jeremy Bailenson

15 minute on-demand webinar

In the history of Virtual Reality research, the notion of training on culture is largely without academic or commercial precedent. In 2020, that changed.

In an article for Harvard Business Review, Stanford professor and world-leading VR expert Jeremy Bailenson shed light on the landmark case study from Sprouts Farmers Market, who is successfully training new hires on culture at scale using Immersive Learning.

Read Jeremy’s HBR article

We spent 15 minutes interviewing Jeremy to go deeper into what fueled his excitement about this powerful immersive use case. In the webinar, Jeremy discusses why culture training is both challenging and critical to learn as a new employee of a company. He explains how VR helped Sprouts provide lots of little, meaningful immersive experiences to new hires that essentially fast forwarded their assimilation into the unique company culture.

Key takeaways:

  • The difficulty of training corporate culture due to time and resource constraints
  • How 48% of Sprouts’ VR learners recalled all six culture principles, compared to 3% of non-VR learners
  • How advanced learning theory is infused into VR content to create optimal learning outcomes

Watch on-demand webinar: