Verizon logo with a brown-haired woman wearing a VR headset

Elevating Verizon customer service with empathy training in VR

Verizon provides a business-critical network to the largest companies in the world, so separating employees from business impact is almost impossible. 

Verizon’s customer service associates regularly face high stakes situations that they must not only fix, but also de-escalate in the process. That’s why their L&D team does everything they can to enable the workforce with the integral soft skills needed to both solve problems and build deeper connections with high value customers.

In this webinar, Cleopatra Scott, Director of Global L&D for Verizon Business Services, shares Verizon’s path to a transformed customer experience using Immersive Learning to deal with sensitive, business critical situations. You’ll also hear from Strivr Chief Science Officer, Michael Casale, PhD, who will uncover the cognitive science behind VR’s powerful ability to build empathy and practice difficult customer conversations. 

Register to learn:

  • How immersive experiences create emotion and nerves unlike anything else, including role play
  • The demonstrable impact VR has had on training time-savings and improving customer experience
  • Practical and strategic tips for selecting, deploying, and measuring Immersive Learning at scale
  • The potential for bringing VR into distance learning programs

On-demand webinar: