Getting started: Your guide on strategy, production and deployment of VR training


Immersive Learning is much more than content inside a headset. In our final 10-minute session, you’ll gain insider access into how major retailers have implemented VR training at scale, including:

  • How to select an Immersive Learning program based on business objectives, leveraging our 3-tiered ROI framework 
  • Best practices for VR curriculum design and content production
  • How to deploy across distributed operations and ensure maximum adoption and seamless integration with other learning programs


Logan Mulvey, Chief Customer Officer, Strivr

Logan Mulvey

Chief Customer Officer, Strivr

About the Speaker:

Logan oversees executive sponsorship of Strivr’s marquee customers, and today leads the company’s Solution and Success organizations. As one of the earliest Strivr employees, Logan built the entire customer strategy from the ground up and has played a key role in every customer deployment since the company’s founding.

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