retail 360 summit

Retail 360 webinar series

Virtual Reality (VR) has taken the retail world by storm, as it’s being used to train over a million employees in customer service, safety, soft skills and more. This exclusive video series will feature firsthand accounts from retailers like Walmart and Verizon who are using VR training today.

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Plus, get tactical insights into what it takes to get started with VR training at your organization. See below for details about each episode.

Theme: Retail Employee Experience

Episode 1

Elevating customer experience: How VR training teaches customer-centricity

In this 10-minute session, discover how training associates in VR can help you create a world-class customer experience, including:

  • Which customer service skills your associates can learn and practice in VR
  • Practical examples from retailers using Immersive Learning today
  • How immersive data from VR helps close the loop on employee performance

Episode 2

Future of Work: Transforming the employee journey with experiential learning

Walmart is leading the way in transforming employee experience with Virtual Reality. This new approach is known as Immersive Learning, combining VR with advanced learning theory, data science and 3D design. Learn how to engage everyone from the front-line to management suite by elevating performance through immersive experience.


Head shot of Andy Trainer, white male. Speaker in Episode 2 Retailer 360

Andy Trainor

VP of U.S. Learning, Walmart

Theme: Safety and Asset Protection

Episode 3

Safety first: Preparing associates for robbery and asset protection

In this 10-minute session, discover why Virtual Reality training is the most powerful way to prepare associates for rare and dangerous situations like robbery and active shooter without putting them in harm’s way. See how VR training has contributed to safer stores, including:

  • Teaching emergency preparedness with Immersive Learning
  • How immersive data demonstrates proficiency and readiness
  • The science that contributes to VR’s effectiveness as a safety training tool

Episode 4

Improving workplace safety, conversation with Lou Tedrick from Verizon

Safety and liability are critical concerns for every company today. But traditional safety training is not effective. Join Lou Tedrick, VP of Global L&D at Verizon, for a webinar on improving workplace safety with Immersive Learning.


Lou Tedrick, VP of Global L&D, Verizon

Lou Tedrick

VP of Global L&D, Verizon

Theme: Retail operations

Episode 5

Operational excellence: Using VR for smooth in-store and supply chain operations

In this 10-minute session, see how Immersive Learning offers faster and easier access to real-world experiential practice. Learn how VR training improves in-store efficiency, including:

  • How retailers like Walmart reduced an 8-hr training to 15-minutes in VR
  • How virtual practice prepares the brain and body for better performance in the real world
  • How immersive data helps you standardize outcomes across distributed operations

Episode 6

Getting started: Your guide on strategy, production and deployment of VR training

Immersive Learning is much more than content inside a headset. In our final 10-minute session, you’ll gain insider access into how major retailers have implemented VR training at scale, including:

  • How to select an Immersive Learning program based on business objectives, leveraging our 3-tiered ROI framework 
  • Best practices for VR curriculum design and content production
  • How to deploy across distributed operations and ensure maximum adoption and seamless integration with other learning programs

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