Cat Ward from JFF Labs, Josh Bersin from Bersin Academy and Derek Belch from Strivr

Recover better: How to seize this moment to reimagine learning at work

In these unprecedented times, corporations play an outsized role in helping us navigate a recovery that promotes health, stability, and economic opportunity for all. How will we rebuild from this crisis? What do we want our world to look like when we eventually return to “normal”? And what role do business leaders like you play in helping us get there?

With a common sense of urgency, organizations are seeking out ways to provide growth and development opportunities to ensure their teams are set up to perform and thrive. Watch the on-demand webinar where global industry analyst Josh Bersin, managing director of JFFLabs Cat Ward, and Strivr CEO Derek Belch dig into the economic reset and the future of learning at work. 

Featured speakers:

Josh Bershin

Josh Bersin

Global industry analyst, Bersin Academy

Cat Ward managing director of JFF Labs

Cat Ward

Vice President, JFFlabs

Strivr CEO Derek Belch, a smiling, brown-haired white man

Derek Belch

CEO, Strivr

Watch on-demand webinar: