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VR training platform: How to measure value and prove impact

When you put on a Virtual Reality headset, you become immersed into a virtual world that captures your full engagement and attention. In fact, scientific research shows that the brain treats VR experiences just like it treats the real world. It’s no wonder that companies are helping employees build real skills when they train using VR. But how can you be sure that these skills lead to better job performance and improved business outcomes? 

In this webinar, Strivr CEO Derek Belch will present how a VR training platform is creating value and providing measurable business impact. Strivr’s Immersive Learning platform has trained 1 million employees in VR, across use cases like customer service, operational efficiency, soft skills, and more. The framework for measuring value is based on comprehensive data and intelligence from all of these deployments.

Join us to hear firsthand how some of the largest companies in the world are engaging employees more deeply and impactfully, improving operational efficiency, and saving significant costs.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn:

  • Over a dozen case studies from companies like Walmart, Verizon, Sprouts Farmers Market, and JetBlue
  • How to measure the value of Immersive Learning and create internal stakeholder alignment
  • An inside look at the Strivr platform, which has led to faster time to proficiency, increased customer satisfaction, and greater overall confidence of employees

Watch on-demand webinar: